This is what Cyrine Abdel Nour said at the end of the first season of “The Masked Singer – Where are you?”


Mohamed Ismail – Cairo – Books – Hani Saber:
Actress Cyrine Abdel Nour was keen to send a message to the investigators of “The Masked Singer – Where are you?” With the end of the first season which concluded on Wednesday evening.

Serene published photos from the scenes of the last episode of the first season on her Twitter account, and commented: “While filming (You Maine) … I was dancing and laughing from my heart.
She added, “I would like a lot for my colleagues Qusay, Hassan, Muhannad, and Annabella, and for the whole team … Thank you to the artists who made an atmosphere that takes the mind and the biggest thanks to the loving Arab audience.

The investigators were able to discover the “Cheetah”, the Algerian artist, Amal Bouchoucha.

The artist, Ihab Tawfiq, as the “Cobra” character, won the first season of The Masked Singer, after he was able to baffle the investigators and the audience over the past 10 episodes.

The “MBC Group” announced the details of the program before the launch of its episodes on December 9th, that 12 stars from different parts of the Arab world, coming from several fields, stand on stage disguised as certain costumes to give singing performances, and the four investigators who monitor and listen to know the identity of the stars. Through clues, information, movements, details and reports related to the personality of each star, the public from the home participates with the team of investigators in uncovering the hidden and knowing the identity of the stars.

The investigators are tasked with four artists from the Arab world: Sirin Abdel Nour, Muhannad Al-Hamdi, Hassan Al-Raddad, and Qusay Khouli, and they will cooperate with the audience in the studio by voting to exclude one participant and reveal his identity at the end of each episode of the program presented by Anabella Hilal.


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