The world’s richest struggle for “Bitcoin” .. This is Bill Gates’s advice!


The American billionaire and founder of the American company “Microsoft”, Bill Gates, called to avoid investing in the digital currency “Bitcoin”, for those who have less money than the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, who calls for investment in this currency.

“At a time when Elon Musk (the American billionaire) is driving the craze for buying in the cryptocurrency market, anyone with less money than him (Musk) should avoid investing in a currency,” Gates said in an interview with “Bloomberg”. Bitcoin, “be careful.””While price fluctuations may not be a source of concern for the likes of the CEO of Tesla and the rich (Musk), the risks will be worrisome to others,” he added.

In one of his recent comments on the “Clubhouse” app, Gates noted that “Bitcoin mining is harmful to the environment.”

This statement came about two weeks after researchers at the University of Cambridge discovered that mining “Bitcoin” consumes more electricity than some countries consume, such as Argentina, for example.On the other hand, Musk is promoting investment in “Bitcoin” and speculating that this currency may gain wider recognition soon.

Musk considers that “investing in bitcoin is less” stupid “than investing in fiat money.

This week saw a pause in the Bitcoin price rally, as it fell from a record $ 58,000 to its current level of around $ 47,300.


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