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The whisper of Imam, the presenter of the program “From Imparah to Al-Naharda” via Mega FM, criticized the new generation of artists for their arrogance and disrespectful behavior, according to what she described.

Imam’s whisper made it clear on her Facebook account that she hesitated before publicly addressing this problem, but the many situations she is exposed to as a broadcaster pushed her to talk, where she wrote: “A new generation of stars unfortunately has a lot of arrogance and disrespect for the profession of the broadcaster who tries to do his work with all taste.” And politely. ”

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She added, “My work and yours are related to each other and it is possible to apologize with all taste, instead of ignoring and not responding because I am simply doing my job as you did with your work, and I know that you are busy, but just that you reply to me with a message: I apologize and thank you, is this delaying you for something?” .

Imam’s whisper revealed a situation he had recently encountered with a young artist and the granddaughter of a late artist, without mentioning her name, and said that she called her for 3 days in order to agree with her on a two-minute telephone intervention in an episode about the anniversary of her grandfather’s death, but she was surprised by her closing the line in her face. Although she was the one who asked to call her in order to set a date for the intervention, and she did not call back or apologize for what happened.

Imam whispered: “In a generation that I do not understand, I mean, a broadcaster is trying to do his job, just as you did in my recovery in order to take a role in any work of art or I do not know! .. The benefit is mutual and my life I will not reduce myself with a star who does not respect my profession or not. He respects the effort he does with respect. ”

She continued that there is a difference in the way of dealing between that actress whose career does not exceed 5 years and big stars who deal with all taste and gratitude and accept participating in programs or politely apologize, explaining: “A great greeting and respect to every star who respects my profession as a broadcaster, and every star has vanity and arrogance. … I want to tell him: The star is a biography, and before anything, we all strive hard in our work … and the respect must be mutual, and a very special thanks to all the artists whom I have honored for as long as I work in my profession that I love and respect and I will not allow anyone to insult her “.

Imam concluded her blog post and wrote: “Always think about the beginnings so that morals will really show off in stardom and fame.”

It is noteworthy that Imam’s whisper presents the program “From Embarah to Al-Naharda”, which is broadcasted at nine o’clock in the evening, Egyptian local time, on Friday and Saturday of every week via Mega FM.

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