“The war has begun” … a new message from Ahmed Al-Fishawi to Muhammad Ramadan


The Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy sent a message to Mohamed Ramadan, a day after he released his song “Number 2”, in which he attacked Ramadan.

“The war has begun,” Al-Fishawi said, while filming his song “Number 2”, “The war has begun, and I hope to publish works that please and entertain you, and if this does not happen, they insult me ​​on Instagram as usual.”

Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Fishawy recently released his upcoming song “Number 2″, in which he attacks Mohamed Ramadan, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day.

Al-Fishawi says in his rap song: “Another one of the people wants him, numbers, praise be to God, they say that I am different, and in this we disagree. He who walks on the sidewalk after the fall with a text how much after the conditioning was required to bring him with a severe cold, he should wear No. 2, but you are the one who sped him It was necessary to hurry him. ”

He continued: “The one who walks in the light will lose a little bit of hoeing time, and the tuk-toe will not separate from (Ferrari) in the calcase, I am a tank, oh tasteless.” And he added in his attack on Ramadan: “Go to a boxing role, show me in the microphone, I am Karawan’s voice.”

While the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to Al-Fishawi, by sharing a short video clip of him, through his account on the “Instagram” website, in which he appeared accompanied by two girls standing behind him, accompanied by a clip from one of his songs in which he said: “I worked with you, sho. Mesh 2 “.


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