The UAE is moving steadily and confidently towards containing the pandemic – Emirates – News and Reports


Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri, the official spokesman for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, affirmed that the UAE is moving steadily and confidently towards containing the “Covid 19” pandemic, and moving forward with the planning stage for recovery with confidence and ability with the solidarity of all state institutions and members of society, citizens and residents.

This came during the UAE government’s periodic media briefing on the developments of the emerging “Corona” virus, “Covid 19”.

He said that the success of the national vaccination campaign in the UAE in achieving its goals is an indication of the strength of the medical and health system in the UAE, stressing that taking the vaccine has become a humanitarian and moral duty for all citizens and residents, for the sake of the health and safety of society.

He revealed that the total doses that were provided until yesterday reached more than three and a half million doses, with the rate of vaccine distribution being 36.04 doses per 100 people.

Al Dhaheri stressed that the response of community members to the national campaign for vaccination with the Coronavirus (Covid 19) represents the best option to preserve the health of society, limit the spread of the virus, and move to a sustainable recovery phase that ensures a balance between preserving the safety of society and a gradual return to normal life.

He said that the UAE is completing its methodology for examinations aimed at investigating and limiting the spread of the epidemic by conducting intensive examinations for various segments of society … and the total number of examinations has exceeded 26 million examinations, an achievement that is counted for the UAE to adopt a pioneering model in facing the pandemic.

He added: “The UAE is at the forefront of the countries in the world that have conducted tests for the Corona virus relative to the total population, and the infection rate in relation to the total number of examinations is among the lowest regionally and globally.”

He pointed out that despite the increase in the number of new cases of Coronavirus in the country, the UAE has the ability to deal with this increase through a flexible approach to face developments.

He said that the government of the United Arab Emirates has confirmed that human health is the priority and basis for the development and sustainability of society, and the main pillar for achieving full recovery.

In this regard, it is working on adopting the latest innovative treatments, enhancing the capacity of the health sector, expanding the conduct of examinations, and providing medical and preventive supplies, to raise efficiency to achieve sustainable recovery, which is consistent with national priorities in the planning stage of recovery from the “Covid 19” crisis.

He pointed out that the state’s efforts resulted in an increase in the demand for receiving the vaccine as part of a national plan that aims to reach the number of vaccinated people to more than 50 percent of the population during the first quarter of this year, in an effort to reach the acquired immunity resulting from vaccination, which helps reduce infection and control rates. On the spread of the virus, which promoted the building of a safe environment to receive tourists.



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