The swarm movie .. “The Saga of Vendetta” and real warplanes


Abdel-Mughni explained, in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia,” that the film “The swarmHe presented the heroic epic to the fans, in a context and suspense scenes that make you feel that it is a fact, especially since the story of the film is taken from a real tournament close to the minds, as its events took place in 2015 and followed it and afflicted all Egyptians and those who reject terrorism. Shooting movie scenes to make the scenes look like in Theater of operations Real.

He added, “All the movie stars took the story very seriously and outdid themselves, because the terrorist events on which the film was produced provoked the feelings of Egyptians and those who reject terrorism in all corners of the earth, and the president’s words were Abdel Fattah Sisi, That Egypt reserves the right to respond, inflames everyone’s feelings, and motivates us to do our best. “

On the date of launching the film, Abdel-Mughni confirmed that the marketing matters are up to the producing company, which provided all the means for the film to reach the light properly, indicating that the scenes contained in the film may be the first time you see it on the cinema screen in terms of the equipment in it, and places of filming, And theaters of operations.

Abdel-Mughni pointed out that the producer, Tamer Morsi, provided all the means and support in order to optimize this heroic act for the masses, and that all the equipment that appeared in the film is true, and that he is confident that the sincere feelings of the actors will reach the audience as soon as they watch the film, which will heal The pride of many Egyptians.

He continued: “During the film, I enjoyed sharing the work with the talented director Ahmed Galal, because he is a director who knows how to own his tools and employ them correctly, stressing that the artists who participated in the tournament, whether Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Hatem or Sherif Mounir, performed great acting matches and excelled themselves.” Noting that he considers this movie a real addition to his artistic history.

The Chairman of the United Media Services Company, Tamer Morsi, has published, through his official Facebook account, the official teaser promo for the movie “The Swarm”, which tells about a true story about an Egyptian national epic, with the Egyptian Air Force bombing sites for the terrorist organization ISIS in the “Derna” area. Inside the country of Libya.


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