The story of Youssef Shaaban, who married the granddaughter of a king and died alone, far from his children Video


Mohammed Sultan Mahmoud

The great artist Youssef Shaaban died today, Sunday, February 28, of the Corona virus, at the age of 90.

The late artist had an eventful life and successful roles, and in this video, journalist Taher Al-Bahi reviews his memories of Youssef Shaaban.

Taher Al-Bahi told how Youssef Shaaban cared about his balcony in one of the elevated floors, and enjoyed sitting in it, in addition to his feeling of great pride in presenting the character of Mohsen Mumtaz in the series “Raafat Al-Hagan”, and behind the scenes of his interview with the real character.

He added that Youssef Shaaban was feeling nervous and anxious due to the introduction of the character Hafez Radwan in the series “The Shahd and the Tears” because of the amount of evil that the character’s details carried, indicating that he considered “Hafez” a person oppressed by his wife all the time, and committed all his evils in an attempt to satisfy her.

Taher Al-Bahi touched on the different marriages of Yusef Shaban and his marriage to the artist, Laila Taher, then the granddaughter of King Fouad the First, and he had a girl from her, and then he married an Arab woman from whom he had a young man and a girl, noting that the three of them live outside Egypt.

Taher Al-Bahi confirmed that the late artist Youssef Shaaban was living in his late days alone at home, but recently his daughter contacted him from his first wife, and made sure that he attended her wedding.


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