The story of Hany Shaker and Carole Samaha succeeded because it is the story of many people in our lives..Video


Director Batoul Arafa, a guest on “The Seventh Day TV” with colleague Shorouk Wagdy, during which she revealed the scenes of the two clips “Baqali Katir” and “Shukran”, in which Hani Shaker and Carole Samaha were combined with one story, saying: “I worked with Lifestyle. The studio has a large collection of clips, and the truth is every time I try to present an idea other than the one before it, and develop more in each clip, until when Professor Fahd produced a song for the star Hani Shaker, and a song for the star Carole Samaha, but not at the same time.

Batoul Arafa added: “I was supposed to work on the two songs a story, and when I spoke with Hani Shaker and because it is a great history, I told him that I will not do anything and go beyond the passage of honor, and I have to do something that leaves a trace and a fingerprint. I went through any ideas, until I came to the idea in a living moment and decided to link the two songs together, and it would be one story, and that they both love each other and separated, and she is refusing to forgive even though she loves him and he longs for this love. woman”.

Director Batoul Arafa continued: “This idea is the first time in the world to link two songs to two books with one story, and when I called Carole Samaha on the phone, I sat for about 8 minutes laughing and told me that this idea was from where I was, and it was very happy. 10 minutes later, he called me again and said, “I just make sure that what I understood is correct, and I told him yes. We were all very excited about the idea.

And I continued, until the day before the clip was released, I said the topic will not go unnoticed, as for the people. You will say, ‘What is this hymn?’ As for them, they say God, we have a different thought and we are emerging a new form, and I was a well-informed basis. One with the same advertisement, the same everything, and download at the same time on YouTube, with many difficult details.

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