The Spring 2021 film series will be launched next Friday with the film The Master of the Unknown in Sharjah


02/17 05:02

The Sharjah Art Foundation announced the launch of the Spring 2021 Film Series, which will be screened at 8:00 pm every Friday at the City’s Sarab Cinema, in the Foundation’s art buildings in the Al Mureija area.

The series of films deals with the themes of sacrifice, desire, passion and ambition in different contexts, and the efforts made by the characters in order to achieve their goals, survival, and coexistence with social and political dilemmas.

The upcoming shows include “The Master of the Unknown” by Aladdin El-Jem, which will be shown on Friday, February 19, the film “Melkmed” by Desmond Ophiagel, which will be shown next March 5, and the film “Children of the Sun” by Majid Majidi, which will be shown next April 2.


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