The result of the match between Bayern Munich and Lazio today 23-2-2021 in the European Champions League


A hot summit at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital between Bayern Munich, who is a guest to Lazio in the first leg of the 16th round of the European Champions League, where it starts at ten in the evening Egyptian local time in conjunction with the English Chelsea match against Atletico Madrid in the same round of the European Champions League which He went to Bayern deservedly last season after defeating Paris Saint-Germain, but it was the championship of big fall, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester City.

Bayern Munich and Lazio match

Bayern Munich suffers before the Lazion match. Despite winning the Club World Cup at the expense of Tigres Unal in Mexico, it was exposed to an unenviable position in the German League by narrowing the difference with Leipzig to only two points after it tied with Armenia Bielefeld with three goals for each team, and then the biggest disaster was the loss in The last round is from Eintracht in Frankfurt, so Bayern Munich coach Hans Flick is trying to take the Lazio meeting as a great opportunity to correct the situation.

And Hans Flick is playing for victory in Italy through his stars Robert Levafdovsky, Thomas Muller, Kimmich and others who will press hard on Lazio’s defense because Hans Flick does not recognize the defense inside or outside his home, but rather raises the slogan of the attack only, and the biggest proof of that is Barcelona’s sweep of the historic eight last season. .

While he coaches Lazio Simone Inzaghi, and he is good at playing against adults and is trying to be the dark horse in the Champions League, after he defeated Sampdoria with a goal in the Italian League, he is looking to stop the Bayern Munich train by relying on his striker Shiro Immobili, the scorer of Calcio when this match is transmitted on the channel BN Sport 2 is commented on by Raouf Khalif, and Lazio’s school differs from Bayern Munich. If the Bavarian team is a supporter of the offensive philosophy, Lazio with Inzaghi tends to defend and rely on quick counterattacks and spread across the pitch in the event of possession of the ball, but what is wrong with him is the large number of defensive mistakes Which is looking for a solution in every meeting.


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