The result of the Liverpool and Manchester City match today, 7/2 in the English Premier League


The eyes of English football fans are heading towards Anfield Stadium on Sunday evening, where an upcoming match between Liverpool and Manchester City will be held for the 23 events of the eleventh week of the English Premier League 2020/2021.

The result of the Liverpool and Manchester City match ended with a deserved victory for City with four clean goals against one goal, see (English Premier League standings table) After this confrontation ends.

A hearty meal will be this evening between the two giants of England, both of whom are looking for a specific goal, so this will be a very strong and fierce meeting between them, as Manchester City tops the table of the competition with 47 points, with a match remaining.

Man City, who realizes the difficulty of the confrontation, but is going through its best conditions this season is better than last season or the first round in which the meeting between them ended in a positive tie with a goal for each of them, but in today’s second leg, Guardiola’s battalion wants to win and snatch the full points.

City is away from runner-up Manchester United 3 points, and this is a small number. He wants to expand the difference in order to be alone at the top and not to give it up to anyone, so he will have a lot of pressure, but with the expertise of his players, all of this may exceed this distinctly.

On the other hand, Liverpool retreated in its high level that it was presenting at the beginning of the season, to fall into a deep lapse that made it lose the lead and was outside the golden box, but returned to it again to be in fourth place with 40 points and two points away from Leicester City.

Lever is the champion of last season. Returning to competition and defending the title may be difficult, but nothing in football is impossible, so he will try to make every effort tonight to win and reduce the difference with the leader, in order to gradually march to the top, as he will fight until the last breath of the competition He does not want to give up, but Klopp hopes that his battalion will be at a distinguished and stable level.


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