The resignation of the Minister of Health after it was revealed that his friends had received the Corona virus vaccine before the start of the vaccination campaign


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                Argentine Health Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia submitted his resignation Friday to President Alberto Fernandez, after it was revealed that friends of the Minister had received the anti-Coronavirus vaccine before the start of the official vaccination campaign.

                                    <p>The Argentine Minister of Health submitted his resignation late Friday, at the request of the country's president after it was revealed that friends of the Minister had received the vaccine before the official vaccination campaign began. <a target="_blank" href="مجتمع/20210219-عندما-يتجه-الذكاء-الاصطناعي-للبحث-عن-الفيروس-التاجي-المقبل-في-الثدييات" rel="noopener"><strong>Against Covid-19.</strong></a>

Guinness González García, Minister and Doctor of 75, sent a letter to President Alberto Fernández, in which he said, “In response to your urgent request, I submit my resignation from the position of Minister of Health.”

The resigning minister is expected to replace his 48-year-old deputy, Karla Fitzotti, who was responsible for securing the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine for Argentina, the first country to ratify and use it in South America.

The scandal of the minister’s friends had previously received the vaccine, after the 71-year-old journalist Horacio Verbitzky announced in a radio interview that he owed his friend the minister the ability to receive the vaccine in his office before residents.

So far, the vaccine has only been given to health workers in Argentina, and on Wednesday, people over the age of 70 began to be immunized in the province of Buenos Aires.

Local media reported that other people close to government ministers received the vaccine at the Ministry of Health.

Officials reported that the president, who was in his 60s and received the vaccine in front of the cameras to encourage Argentines to register for it, had ordered his chief of staff to ask the health minister to resign.

Argentina, with a population of 44 million, has recorded nearly 2 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 50,000 deaths.

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