The Republic: The French countdown to the formation of the government in Lebanon has begun


Republic: This is confirmed by diplomatic sources from Paris, who revealed to the “Republic” that the French approach to the Lebanese file began to suggest that the French countdown to form the government in Lebanon has begun, and that there is a decisive and more than serious approach by the Elysee to cause a qualitative breach in the wall of the dysfunctional government file in Lebanon, It will lead to the birth of the “French initiative government” very soon, and within a time limit not later than the end of this month, provided that this will be immediately followed by a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to Beirut in next March.

On this basis, the sources add, the French movement towards Lebanon will witness in the coming days a noticeable buildup, coinciding with a clear French stance towards Lebanon that will soon be issued, perhaps from the Elysee, in parallel with the French movement in different international directions, to open the Lebanese door to positive things, where The Elysee opened communication channels with the United States of America, Iran, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, as well as with Saudi Arabia, which Macron may visit soon, seeking primarily to persuade officials in the Kingdom of a direct Saudi presence in support of the government and its president, and to engage in efforts to find a solution to the Lebanese dilemma.

The sources indicated that what the French channels carried with these countries made the French optimistic about the possibility of achieving an achievement in the Lebanese file that would put the French initiative, which has been stalled since its announcement in late August, into implementation, and the formation of a government headed by Saad Hariri according to its terms. With reference in this context to what the French began to call an integration of the American and French positions towards Lebanon and a common goal of forming a government in Lebanon in accordance with the requirements of the international community that meets the demands and aspirations of the Lebanese people to combat corruption and implement reforms that legitimize the flow of international aid to Lebanon.

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