The Queen of Britain asks Harry to respect family values


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II told Prince Harry that she was pleased to have found happiness with his wife Megan Markle, during her call before announcing that the couple filmed a TV interview with American journalist Oprah Winfrey. The Queen asked him to uphold and respect his family’s values.

The Queen told her grandson that she is “pleased that he found happiness” and “only wants the best for him.”
Harry stressed that he was aware of his “duty to the family” and promised “not to do anything that would embarrass the royal family.”
Experts from inside Buckingham Palace indicated that the harmonious conversation between the Queen and her grandson took place over the phone before the announcement of the couple’s interview with Winfrey last week, and before Harry appeared on the show “Let’s Late Show” with James Corden, last Friday, where Harry insisted that his move and Megan The surprise to California last year was about “backing down rather than stepping down” as a member of the royal family.
Well-informed sources at the palace revealed earlier that Harry was the one who called for the resumption of talks about his position and Megan early this year, and the source claimed that there was a confusing matter that pressed for his requests that confused palace officials, but everything soon became clear when news broke out for Meghan’s interview. With opera.
Experts noted that Harry’s useless appearance in the “Late Late Show” interview created unease inside the palace. Minutes after Buckingham Palace released its statement confirming that Megan and Harry were no longer in the royal family, they said, the couple responded saying they would still live and plan a private life. In a statement described by some as a terrible disrespect for the elderly queen (94 years), especially after what was considered a comprehensive positive conversation between Harry and his grandmother in previous days. (Agencies)


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