The producing company disavows the video of Samira Abdel Aziz’s embarrassment and apologizes … The reporter has been suspended


The advertising company “Youth Production” sent a letter of apology to the able artist, Samira Abdel Aziz, against the background of the video that was recently spread on social media.

The company published on its official Facebook page a video of Samira Abdel Aziz’s embarrassment at the hands of one of the company’s correspondents at the Alexandria Film Festival 3 years ago.
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The company in charge of the company apologized by writing a leaflet saying: “We regret the able respected artist, Samira Abdel Aziz, about the video circulating on the social media pages that caused us embarrassment and embarrassment to the management of our company. This video was filmed at the Alexandria Festival 3 years ago by one of our trainees and was suspended from her time due to This position and we were surprised today by publishing it on his personal account without our knowledge, and we repeat our apologies to it. “

Samira Abdel Aziz told that the video circulating on the sidelines of her meeting with a reporter at the Alexandria Film Festival dates back three years, and since the death of her husband, Mahfouz Abdel Rahman, she did not go to the Alexandria Festival, where they used to go together. (Full statements of Samira Abdel Aziz)

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