The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Friday, February 12, 2021 … a new decline


The price of the US dollar continued its decline against the Sudanese pound, on Friday, during early trading in the informal “black” market.

And ranged The price of the dollar in Sudan In the black market, between 320 and 330 pounds during morning trading today, Friday, compared to 340 pounds in Thursday’s trading, according to local media.

The price of the dollar stabilized at Central Bank of Sudan At 55 pounds to buy and 55.27 pounds to sell.

The new government

On Tuesday, the Sudanese Prime Minister announced Abdullah HamdokThe new government formation, which included 26 ministerial portfolios. The formation witnessed the creation of new ministries, the most important of which were investment and petroleum, in addition to the separation of industry from trade.

The Sudanese Prime Minister said that the new formation aims to address crises through a tight program, in addition to preserving the country from collapse.

Sudan is going through a deep economic crisis since the transitional government took power in mid-2019 after an uprising, with inflation reaching 254% last December, in addition to a deficit of fuel, bread and electricity.

Euro and British Pound rates

The price of the euro rose today at the Central Bank of Sudan to 66.69 pounds for purchase and 67.03 pounds for sale, compared to about 65.9 pounds for purchase and 66.45 pounds for sale, yesterday.

The European currency also rose, in black market transactions, to 380 pounds, compared to 370 pounds on Thursday.

While the price of the pound sterling at the Sudanese Central Bank rose to 76.16 pounds to buy 76.54 pounds for sale, compared to 75.1 pounds to buy and 76.03 pounds to sell yesterday.

While the pound sterling settled in the parallel market at 390 pounds, which is the same price yesterday.

Real, dirham and dinar prices

According to the Central Bank’s website, the price of the Saudi riyal stabilized at 14.66 pounds for purchase and 14.74 pounds for sale.

While the Saudi currency fell on the black market to 80 pounds, compared to 85 pounds.

The price of the UAE dirham remained at the level of 14.97 pounds for purchase and 15.05 pounds for sale.

The price of the Emirati dirham on the black market decreased by 80 pounds, compared to 87 pounds.

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar at the Sudanese Central Bank fell to about 181.64 pounds for purchase, 182.54 pounds for sale, compared to about 182 pounds for purchase, 182.6 pounds for sale on Thursday.

While the Kuwaiti currency fell in the unofficial market to 800 pounds, compared to about 821.2 pounds yesterday.


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