The preliminary results of the Corona vaccination campaign carry this good news


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Washington – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The news of vaccines and the vaccination campaign against Corona Virus Better than many people realize, and the scientific facts don’t justify much of the very negative public debate about vaccines, according to many epidemiologists.
The first basic fact, according to the experts’ conclusions, is that all five vaccines have significantly reduced Corona deaths in hospitals, and Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University, said, “They are all results of good trials.”
Experts noted that many people have focused on the issue of relatively minor differences between vaccine results, rather than on good news, and incorrectly assuming that the differences mean that some vaccines will not prevent dangerous diseases.
Experts said that it is too early to be sure, because few vaccine developers have released a small amount of data, but the data available so far seems encouraging, including the effect of vaccines on virus variants.
Julia Marcus of Harvard Medical School writes in The Atlantic that vaccines are ready to provide what people badly want: an end to this epidemic, and expressed surprise at the “more negative public understanding” of what should be about vaccines, noting that people have a lot. Of confusion about the meaning of the word “active”.
Experts emphasized that corona viruses have spread for decades if not centuries, and that they will often be mild, including, and that the world will not eliminate viruses anytime soon, including “SARS-Cove-2”, which causes “Covid-19”. But they indicated that there is no need to completely eliminate viruses until things return to normal, but rather to reduce the classification from a deadly pandemic to a regular virus.
Dr Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Medicine, said he was not concerned with infection, but rather about the number of deaths, the number of hospitalizations and long-term complications.
By these measures, the five vaccines produced by “Pfizer”, “Moderna”, “AstraZeneca”, Novafax and “Johnson & Johnson” look very good, as no person has been reported dead due to the Corona virus out of 750,000 people, They received vaccinations during the trial period, and only a very small number of them went to hospitals, and none of them remained in the hospital for more than 28 days from the date of their vaccinations.
It is useful to put these numbers in the right perspective, if the Corona virus leads to the death of at least 150 people in the same representative group (75,000) and sends hundreds to hospitals, but vaccines have reduced these numbers to almost zero, based on research experiments.
In any case, the zero itself is not a measure of the feasibility of vaccines, as the flu season in the United States kills between five and 15 out of every 75,000, and more than a hundred of them are hospitalized.
Dr Aaron Reicherman, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, said the news was fantastic regarding the results.


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