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Under the slogan “My Family Reads”, the UAE celebrates today the month of reading 2021 nationwide, in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision, which set March every year as a national month for reading, in a step that confirms the leadership’s keenness to establish the UAE’s position as the capital of culture and knowledge, and to prepare an educated generation He is able to carry the banner of knowledge and lead the march of sustainable development in the country.

The Executive Director of the National Archives, Abdullah Majed Al Ali, said, “The month of reading is an important initiative that reflects awareness of the necessary priorities that are integrated with other coordinated efforts to build a knowledge society, and to consolidate practices that support the development of human resource capacities to the maximum extent possible.”

He pointed out that «the rapid response from various state institutions confirmed awareness of the importance of the initiative, as many projects and ideas that enhance reading opportunities and provide incentives and motives for various groups, especially among youth and children, to engage in this process, which soon becomes a habit they cling to when it becomes clear to them. The amount of fun and benefit they get directly, and the advantages and opportunities that reading gives them.

For his part, the President of the Union of Arab Academics, Dr. Saif Al-Jabri, described reading as the title of the civilization of nations, indicating “the UAE’s interest and keenness to exert its utmost efforts in order to achieve the national strategy for reading that aims to reach the generations that will bear the banner of the homeland and take it forward. With knowledge, and from this end were the large and varied initiatives ».

The Ministry of Culture and Youth has chosen the slogan “My Family Reads” for the month of reading 2021, with the aim of supporting and strengthening the role of fathers in inculcating a love for reading in children, highlighting its importance and its great role in early childhood development, establishing it as a permanent community culture and habit among members of society, and enhancing its role as a motor and a key indicator of cohesion and cohesion. Families, and focus on them for the purpose of fun, exploration and inspiration for children in the UAE community.

A recent global study revealed that sharing the family reading experience is an important way to increase the bonding and rapprochement between parents and children, enhance their social skills and empathy with those around them, and is a great way to share special moments.

Activities vary during the month of reading with the participation of governmental and private institutions, through initiatives and programs that seek to contribute to building a reading society armed with knowledge and knowledge, capable of leading the development process in the country and encouraging positive early reading habits, while most of the activities come through digital institutions platforms that encourage reading. Digital, an alternative to the events accompanying this event in the context of preventive measures in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

• The 2021 slogan seeks to strengthen the role of fathers in instilling a love of reading in children.

• Initiatives and programs that seek to contribute to building a society armed with knowledge.

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