The Ministry of Health raids two drug warehouses


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government instructed Hamad Hassan to assign a special inspection body of doctors and pharmacists to periodically and permanently check warehouses and hospitals in Lebanon to verify the presence of drugs in an adequate quantity and the compliance of hospitals with contracts signed with the Ministry of Public Health.

An inspection team from the Ministry of Public Health provided by the Acting Director General of the Ministry, Fadi Sinan, carried out a raid campaign based on the information circulating regarding the smuggling of subsidized drugs into Kinshasa and the loss of essential medicines in the Lebanese market, some of which are used to treat Corona. The campaign included the OMNIPHARMA drug store in Badaro, and an investigation was made into how the medicines were distributed and the reasons for some smuggling of some to Kinshasa. The team also raided the SADCO drug store in Bir Hassan, where it was found that the warehouse contained a large quantity of medicines that were missing in the market, although they would last for a few months.

Senan called on citizens to “inform the Ministry of Public Health about the medicines that they cannot find in pharmacies, as well as informing them in the event that a difference is noticed in the prices offered with those on the website of the ministry,” pointing to “the importance of having a spirit of responsibility for the control side as well as consumption so that it is not stored.” pharmaceutical”.

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