The Minister of Health: “200 pounds is the fee for those able to obtain the Corona vaccine.”


10:14 PM

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that 65% of Egyptian citizens are under the age of 30 and over 30 years old, exceeding 35-40 million, noting that Egypt has made contracts to reach 100 million doses of the Corona vaccine, sufficient for 50 million citizens.

Zayed added, in a phone call to the “One Last Word” program on the “ON E” channel today, Tuesday, that the fees for obtaining the vaccine for those who are able will not exceed 200 pounds to get the two doses, explaining: “I am if I am a citizen and I am not included in the category of the unable and I have certain circumstances. In a case during this period of time and he is unable, at the moment of getting the vaccine, to provide a fee of 200 pounds, a report will be made in a specific office according to which he will obtain an exemption.

And she continued: “Fees for obtaining the vaccine for those who are able to achieve sustainability in providing the vaccine, saying:” For sustainability, because we do not know this vaccine, it will remain once, nor annually, but I assure that the financial ability cannot be an obstacle for the citizen to obtain the vaccine. “


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