The losses of the oil sector in Syria as a result of the war … the minister estimates


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Minister Bassam Tohme said that the losses of the oil sector since the beginning of the crisis amounted to 91.5 billion dollars, and that 60 percent of Syrians did not receive their allocations from heating oil.

During a discussion before members of the People’s Assembly (Parliament), Tohme explained that the direct losses incurred by the equipment in the oil sector amounted to 19.3 billion dollars, of which 3 billion were the value of the damage caused by the aircraft of the “international coalition” led by the United States of America, and the indirect losses amounted to 72 billion Dollars.

Tohme added, according to what “Al-Watan” and “Al-Thawra” newspapers reported, that Syria’s daily oil production last year amounted to 89 thousand barrels, and said that 80 thousand of them “were stolen, meaning that all the production of the eastern region was stolen.”

Regarding oil derivatives, Tohme said that 14.5 million cubic meters per day of raw gas were produced, and the average of refining oil derivatives in the refineries reached 130 thousand barrels, and he indicated that Syria needs to refine 250 thousand barrels, and pointed out that “work is underway to complete the rehabilitation of the unit Power in the Banias refinery, covering the local market’s need for gasoline, and establishing automatic “robot” filling stations in the provinces.

In response to MPs’ questions, Tohme said that the percentage of heating oil distributed through the electronic card amounted to 40%, meaning that 60% of citizens did not receive their allocations from the material, which is estimated at about two million two hundred thousand families.

Tohme explained that there is a shortage of diesel, and there are more than 429 thousand tons that have not arrived “due to the conditions imposed by the blockade, the coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people and the lack of supplies of oil derivatives.”

The Syrian Minister of Oil spoke of a state of disparity in the distribution of diesel between the provinces, saying that “the biggest injustice in distributing the material was in the large governorates. In Damascus, only 20 percent of families benefited from diesel, and 26 percent in its countryside, and in Aleppo 18 percent, While the percentage of distribution in Sweida reached 93 percent.

The US Caesar Act caused more trouble to the Syrian people, increased the value of goods in the country, and increased the number of poor people in Syria.


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