The Lebanese Shiite Mufti: Neutrality in the time of Israel and the “state” organization is not patriotic but rather treason


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The NBN station affiliated to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri reported Speech of the Maronite Patriarch, Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Rahi From Bkerke and the chants against Hezbollah, the crowd of this party cruelly attacked the Patriarch over his stances on neutrality and the international conference, in addition to not silencing him who chanted in the patriarchal edifice against Hezbollah and Iran’s weapons. “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” recorded a number of comments, including one by Abu Amin, who said, “The stray shepherd’s silence about the chants targeting half of the nation while delivering his speech and in front of his pulpit is an exposure of his role at this stage and the fall of the neutrality he claims.”

Some downplayed the importance of the crowd in Bkerke, saying, “People are terrified of not seeing the Abu Ali clan. Did Abu Ali say that they shouted “What is the humiliation of us, for the encounter of a million and a half on the road?”

“NBN” Berri conveys the word al-Ra’i … and “Manar” Hezbollah and its fans cruelly attack him.

“Al-Manar” channel was not far from trying to ridicule the event in Bkerke, so it stated in its news bulletin the following: “Coruna, in conjunction with Bkerke’s request from the Ministry of Health to secure a Corona vaccine for the elderly from its airport, masses of neutrals gathered in the square of the edifice of soldiers and katibians, who attended with their chants without their flags. With them, the neutrals of October 17th, they came to demand internationalization and neutrality, and the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai promised them that he would not disappoint them. In a speech containing a summary of the pens of the remnants of the fourteenth of March, Patriarch Al-Rahi called for the liberation of the state.

On the line of positions, the excellent al-Jaafari mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, saw that “the national crisis reached the point of a wrong engagement and a wrong description, in the midst of a terrible collapse and fall, a cause known and its source known to the Lebanese.” He criticized the Baabda declaration, which “wanted to isolate Lebanon from the region, not the region from Lebanon,” considering that “the deficit in the defense capabilities of the Lebanese National Army was caused by Washington and the Tel Aviv Red Lines, and the liberation of Lebanon was achieved by martyrs and not by Resolution 425, and Resolution 1701 brought the armies to Lebanon.”

He added that “the legitimacy of weapons comes from liberation, preventing aggression and protecting the homeland, not slogans and propaganda,” noting that “neutrality in the time of the Israeli occupation and ISIS is not patriotic. Rather, I believe that it is still treason. Neutrality in times of fires and turmoil in the region is also not patriotic, but rather in the interest of the country, sovereignty and national decision. And the lost peace is caused by Washington, Tel Aviv, and the Atlantic game, and it is not someone who exerts and exerts the same lives to protect peace and the homeland. Lebanon”. And he concluded, “Bkerke is a symbol of homeland partnership and coexistence, and the peace of my family was, is and will remain as long as Lebanon.”


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