The Jordanian Society of Genetic Engineers announces the innovation of a vaccine against Corona


The Jordanian Society of Genetic Engineers announced the announcement of a local anti-corona virus vaccine called “JO-NAST Vaccine”, describing it as the first of its kind in the world.

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16 deaths and 3,827 cases of corona in Jordan

The Jordanian Specialists in Genetic Engineering reported that the Jordanian vaccine is designed with “PAMP, s elevators” technology, the first of its kind in the world.

In particular, a statement stated that this technology aims to “re-stimulate interferon 1 in the primary immune system, innate immunity, correct the pathway and interactions of the immune system to stop the symptoms of COVID-19”.

In explaining the strength of the Corona virus, the Jordanian Society of Genetics Engineers noted that the “SARS-Cove-2” virus is characterized as “slow spreading in the body, as it needs from 4 days to 8 days as an incubation period in the primary immune system before symptoms appear.” The main weapon of the virus to deceive the primary immune system, the innate immunity, extending from the nasal cavity to the throat, is the coronary protein.

She continued the explanation in this context, noting also that “the epithelial cells are responsible for creating the first response of the primary immune system to prevent the virus from entering the bloodstream and connecting to the main immune system.”

In its precise scientific explanation, the statement indicated that there are “two types of responses in these cells. The first response is called PAMP, which is a receptor found in the epithelial cells that binds with virus or bacterial proteins to stimulate the production of interferon 1, which is anti-viral and antibacterial.” The second response is the response to the PAMP. DAMP, a receptor on the surface of these cells, stimulates when they bind to parasite proteins or, in the case of carcinogens, a response produced starting from the phenotypic cells of the primary immune system, innate immunity. The affected cells produce chitinase-like proteins and raise interleukin 17 (IL-17). This response is used. To kill dead or cancerous cells. ”

The Jordanian Society for Genetic Engineering stated that “the SARS-COV2 virus generates a DAMP response through its SPIKE protein, where the body’s response will be as if the lung has been infected with a parasite. This results in camouflaging the primary immune system and completely away from a virus as it searches for a parasite or cancer cells generated in response” Coronavirus, therefore, the virus will infect all cells slowly and safely, and every cell that the virus infects is killed by the DAMP response, so the innate immunity is destroyed, and the first symptom of which is the loss of the sense of taste and smell of some smell and taste of the inner cells of the tongue that are part of the innate immunity and inside The nasal cavity, which is also part of the primary immune system, is where the taste and smell buds are destroyed by the DAMP response.

The statement went on to say, “The DAMP response will catch up and kill all cells that the coronary protein infects, changing the course of the immune system, and this is the reason for the symptoms of Long COVID in some cases, generating the DAMP response to stimulate the production of ACE2, thus increasing the receptors for entering the virus into cells.”

Regarding the modus operandi of the Jordanian anti-corona vaccine “JO-NAST VACCINE”, it was reported that this vaccine:

A capsaicin is used in the nose and mouth designed from biological parts extracted from microorganisms that bind these biological molecules to the PAMP receptor in the nasal cavity and throat and stimulate them to produce interferon 1, correct the primary immune system pathway and eliminate the virus

The statement also revealed that the aforementioned molecules also work “to stop the parasitic DAMP response that causes symptoms of COVID-19, from loss of taste and smell to hypoxia. Correcting the habit of directing the primary immune system is the main component to stopping SARS-COV2 through stimulation. Interferon 1 and directing it to indicate that the infection is a virus and not a parasite and thus the release of interferon 1 will stop the chain reaction of symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The statement confirmed that this Jordanian vaccine:

It is directed to people with “Covid-19” in the first stage or with mild symptoms to stop the emergence of symptoms and help to recover within a few days and restore the sense of smell and taste “

The Jordanian Society of Genetic Engineers confirmed that it is “open to any partnership to complete clinical trials.”

Source: Jordan Society of Genetic Engineers


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