“The Jizan battered” appears with an interview and narrates what her father did since she was 8 years old


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The 15-year-old girl, Ibtihaj, appeared in an interview in which she sheds light on the violence she was subjected to at the hands of her father, after extensive interaction on social media during the past period and the hashtag “Jizan Violence” was circulated.

This came in an interview given by Ibtihah on the Gulf Rotana channel, where she said: “The abuse was my body and verbal and deliberately hit my head because there were no traces so that they did not see any traces on my body and cut my hair ..”

About when the violence started, Ibtihaj said: “From my age of 8 or 7, and now I am 15 years old .. I used to tell my mother about everything that was happening. God, I had a very great mother .. ”

Saudi media had published reports about this incident, as a newspaper previously reported that “the Public Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for a person, after sufficient evidence was available that he had committed the crime of violence against his daughter in the city of Jizan, in a procedure that comes after receiving the Domestic Violence Reports Center of the Ministry of Resources. Humanitarian and Social Development, a report of a girl being abused by her father “; Pointing out that “the Public Prosecution will demand strict statutory penalties against him.”


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