The “Italian” Manchester City tops … the 5 strongest defense lines in Europe


Offensive ball always catches the eye, but the game’s defensive methods and making the task of scoring goals on opponents difficult has fun varies.

The attacking ball, scoring goals and the abundance of opportunities impress all Premier League fans, for example, but their impressive defensive abilities remain just as important to reach the podiums and the highest levels of glory.

And this season, the defensive capabilities of the major clubs have appeared in the five most prominent leagues in Europe, the most important of which are Atletico Madrid in Spain and Manchester City in England.

Italian Guardiola

Italy has been known for its defensive skills in World Cup tournaments since the old days of football, and its defensive play is called “Catenaccio” after the success of the Blue team in closing all outlets to reach its opponents.

And the team that defends perfectly is like the Italian way, which can be applied with the Catalan Pep Guardiola, the current Manchester City coach, given the impressive defensive numbers of his team this season.

Manchester City has played 25 matches this season in the English Premier League, and has only conceded 15 goals, including 5 goals in one exceptional match at the start of the season against Leicester City.

The heavenly team maintained a clean sheet in 15 matches in the English Premier League, after Robin Diaz and John Stones’ defense duo proved a great success, dazzling, in addition to the entry of Frenchman Emeric LaPorte to support them in some matches.

Manchester City coach Guardiola is top of the English Premier League table

Atletico Simeone

Since the beginning of his coaching career, Argentine Diego Simeone is always known as one of the most prominent defensive coaches in the world.

Simeone’s method gave Atletico Madrid the title of the best defense so far in the Spanish League, and the second best defense in the major European leagues behind Manchester City, where the team received only 16 goals in 23 games, the same number achieved by third-placed Sevilla with its veteran coach Julen Lopetegui.

Atletico Madrid are the leaders of the Spanish League table

Bayern Munich surprise

Despite Bayern possessing giant goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, topping the German league table and scoring 62 goals in 22 matches, his defense is among the worst in Europe.

Bayern Munich conceded 31 goals in 22 matches, to rank sixth in the German league in the list of best defense, while Leipzig tops the list by receiving only 18 goals in 22 matches fought so far, and it is Bayern’s first competitor for the title, as it comes behind the Bavarian giants by two points. Only in the Bundesliga.

The fifth strongest defense

Juventus, the Italian league champion, and third in the table during the current season, is the fifth strongest defense in Europe after Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Seville and Leipzig, conceding 19 goals in 22 matches.

While Inter Milan, leaders of the Italian league table, conceded more goals, conceding 24 goals in 23 games, but they are far from Juventus III by 8 points, with the defending champion playing one game less.


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