The Iranian parliament rejects the agreement with the Atomic Energy Agency and the suspension of the additional protocol, starting today – Al-Bina newspaper


He said speaker Basim External Iranian, Happy Fiance born, yesterday, that «Iran Will stop Considering From Today Implemented Protocol The extra».

و .كد it’s a «did not We give Chance New To America at Understanding between Iran And the agency International للطاقة Atomic, And all What قررناه came within Framework Appointment Measures The strategy To cancel Penalties». وشدّد On that «Exit America From Its isolation Non Maybe With declarations, but Need to me Procedure Grand And get away About Arrogance».

Fiance born stated that «organisation energy Atomic Iranian Will clarify Dimensions Technology For a frame Understanding between Iran And the agency International للطاقة Atomic»، Adding it’s a «We will continue Our cooperation With agency International Atomic within treaty Limit From Release Weapons Nuclear».

as such Drew to me that «Understanding between Iran And the agency International للطاقة Atomic Understanding Technical, No Contrasts With Appointment Measures The strategy To cancel Penalties»، dictation that «Invest the parties Other at the agreement Nuclear the opportunity Current».

speaker Basim External Iranian Opinion it’s a «Must On Biden that Determines His position And choose method between Get away About Legacy Trump Political, or that Returns to me Policy Administration American Previous against Iran والتي Proved Its failure».

According for him, «Must On Administration American New upload Penalties About Iran والعودة to me the agreement Nuclear Before Access to me room Conversations at the agreement Nuclear Once a second»، Adding that «Attitude Iran Fixed From Non Procedure Which talks Before Cancellation Penalties, But We study Participation America As a guest at Conversations Nuclear Coming».

From His side, Confirmed President board Shura Islamic Iranian Mohammed باقر قاليباف that «Implementation of Protocol The extra Will stop Completely To start From day Tuesday 23 February, وسيتم block Which Type From Access to me Facilities Nuclear Iranian From Before Inspectors agency International للطاقة Atomic at all».

وقال قاليباف at Tweet for him, yesterday, On «Twitter» that «Which Type From Cooperat Out Framework Happening Guarantees And the agency at the future Necessitates According Of the article 7 From Law A decision From board Shura».

و .ضاف that «Subject 9 From Law the Council Included Implement it Flour».

و .وضح that «board Shura Islamic Leaving On Stay Full لطفيذ Protocol The extra So The Which Arrival For installations Nuclear Out Framework Happening Guarantees Prohibited ويد Command Non Legal and surely control Implementation she From liability Authority Legislative».

و .ضاف President Parliament Iranian, that «لجنة Security The national والسياسة External And commission energy Expensive From Before the Council With supervision Field On Issues Referred to her وتقديم report at This Context»، مؤكداً that «Parliament will not Accept Which Infraction للقانون He will continue Things According For decisions the Council».

And she agreed Agency energy Atomic With Iran, first yesterday, On «Continue search Their facilities Nuclear لمدة 3 Months». Vivid Manager The year For the agency International للطاقة Atomic Raphael Grossi, On it’s a «Done the agreement On Review Regular For understandings Technical to guarantee Investigation Its goals».

From His side, Dua President لجنة Security The national والسياسة External In Parliament Iranian, Mojtaba The the light, the government Iranian to me backing down About the agreement, Which Done Arrive mechanism yesterday With agency International للطاقة Atomic, In Confirmed Ministry External Iranian that «Appointment stood up the work By protocol The extra To agree Nuclear he is Implementation لخت board Shura Islamic».

And it was born Denial Procedure Negotiation directly between The Republic Islamic Iranian وأميركا ، saying «No Health To inform Negotiations As the picture Which Advertise about her And did not Be dragged Which Negotiation directly between Two sides».

And in time formerly, He said Minister External Iranian Mohammed Javad Zarif, it’s a «Must On America the work Across Procedures Corrective On Commitment By agreement Nuclear وتنفيذ Her undertakings An image Impressive»، Adding «there Way the unit Toward Forward In order logical: CommitmentActionthe meeting».

و .كّد Statement Joint To Iran And the agency International للطاقة Offspring, that Tehran «Will continue Implementation of The agreement Signed With agency International From Without Which Restrictions»، Advisory to me it’s a «Done the agreement On Follow up Regular For understandings Technology between The two parties From Yes Reassurance From Investigation Its goals».

From His side, He said Manager agency International للطاقة Atomism Raphael Grossi, Which زار Tehran, «We got On calendar Good And reasonable From Conversations at Iran».


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