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Innovating a satellite that transmits solar energy ...

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The US Navy has created a small satellite that can generate solar energy from Earth’s orbit, and broadcast it to anywhere in the world. And the US Navy launched a box-sized solar panel

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The US Navy has created a small satellite that can generate energy Solar system from Earth’s orbit, and transmitted to anywhere in the world.

The US Navy launched a pizza box-sized solar panel linked to a drone in May 2020 that orbits the Earth every 90 minutes and turns sunlight into enough electricity to power an iPad.


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this mini-experiment is a first step in generating solar energy from orbit before sending it to any point on Earth.

The solar panel is designed to capture sunlight with a higher power from space before it passes through the atmosphere that weakens it, which could be vital in creating a new global wireless power network.


While the US Navy that conducted the experiment has not revealed any details about timelines or technology costs, experts believe that technology that combines remote transmission of electricity with solar power generation could allow in the future to deliver electricity to anywhere in the world without the need for an infrastructure. Gigantic and expensive infrastructure on Earth.

“As far as we know, this experiment is the first orbital test of devices specifically designed to generate solar energy in Earth’s orbit, and it could play a revolutionary role in our energy future,” said Paul Jaffe, principal investigator of the program called Bram.



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