The growth of bank loans in Japan, 6.1%, amounted to $ 5.48 trillion


The Bank of Japan data released today, Monday, showed that the loans provided by Japanese banks during the year until the end of last January grew by 6.1% to 5.48 trillion dollars, according to what was published by “German”.
During the year ending December 31, the loans increased by 6.2%.
With the exclusion of savings funds, bank lending increased in Japan in the year to January 31 by 5.7% to 502.131 trillion yen.
After growing by 5.9% in the year to December 31.
And lending from savings funds increased during the year until the end of last January by 8.3% to 75.952 trillion, the same level as the previous month.
Lending from foreign banks operating in Japan decreased by 6.1% to 3.181 trillion yen by the end of January, after falling by 5% during last December.


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