The Golden Globe Awards could be a night to celebrate female filmmakers and to dedicate Netflix to Hollywood.


Los Angeles – Surprises may compensate for the absence of showmanship at the ceremony announcing the “Golden Globe” awards, which is held on Sunday evening in default form due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and can be an occasion to celebrate the female directors and to perpetuate the rise of “Netflix” in the field of film production.

The video-on-demand platform has achieved a record for nominations, as it acquired 42 of them, and its works compete for the most important categories, including “Best Dramatic Film”, whose list of five nominations includes two of its films, “The Trail of the Chicago Seven” and “Mank”.

But caution remains an obligation, as despite winning 34 nominations last year, “Netflix” has only succeeded in winning two awards, and subsequently failed to impose itself among the top Hollywood.

The Golden Globe Awards are gaining great attention in the American film community, and those working in this sector are seeking to win them. It may boost the fortunes of the most prominent Academy Award nominees, but it also, on the contrary, may dampen their hopes.

For the 2019 edition, the jury of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that awards these awards had a sense of foresight: all Golden Globe winners in the Cinema category won an Oscar a few weeks later, with the exception of film music.

“The Trail of the Chicago Seven” by Aaron Sorkin and “Nomadland” by the American director of Chinese origin Chloe Gao are considered the most prominent works nominated for winning the Best Picture Award, given that they deal with two hot topics that are strongly proposed at present.

Sorkin’s film centers on the police crackdown on protests against the Vietnam War in the US city of Chicago in 1968, while Nomadland is a tribute to contemporary “hippies” as they immerse themselves in the world of “trailer residents” who roam the United States in their old vehicles.

“The Hollywood Reporter”, Scott Feinberg, predicted that “the competition is probably limited to between these two films.”

He added, “The surprise, if it happened, would be the movie ‘Promising Young Woman’ which is unlike anything we have seen recently.”

In addition to this feminist thriller film, the race to the Dramatic Film Award is running for a tape “The Father”, which deals with the story of an elderly woman suffering from dementia, starring Anthony Hopkins, and “Mank”, a black and white work by David Fincher, dives into the golden age of Hollywood by following Orson Welles’ famous “Citizen Caen” film.

In the Best Director category, Chloe Gao was described as the favorite among the contestants, including two other women, Emerald Fennel (“Promising Young Woman”) and Regina King (“One Night in Miami”).

Pete Hammond, an awards expert in the specialized magazine “Deadline”, was careful to be careful in his predictions, as “we will see how things will go. In the end, David Fincher or Aaron Sorkin, the two white men, can win.”

To date, none of the women have won this award except Barbara Streisand, who won it for her musical film “Yentle” in 1984.

The late “Black Panther” star Chadwick Bozeman, who died last August of cancer, has a good chance of winning a Golden Globe for his performance in “What Renees Black Batum”, also produced by “Netflix”.

Tim Gray of “Freight” magazine said it was “his best role, and it became known that he was aware that it might be his last appearance, so it is difficult to resist this.”

The most prominent among the nominees to win the Best Actress award is Carrie Mulligan for her performance in “Promising Young Women”, in which she plays a young woman who quenches her thirst for revenge by frequenting bars and pretending to get drunk to push men to reveal their anti-women.

However, you will find Frances McDormand and Viola Davis in “My Rainy” en route. Her two main competitors are Frances McDormand for “Nomadland” and Viola Davis for “What Renees Black Batum”.

The “Golden Globe” awards distinguish between “dramatic films” and “comedies”, in contrast to other awards such as the Oscars. Among the most prominent films nominated in the comedy category are “Porat 2” with Sacha Baron Cohen as a Kazakh journalist, in addition to the musical comedy film “Hamilton”.

Sacha Baron Cohen was also nominated in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category for “The Trail of the Chicago Seven”.

For the first time in the history of the “Golden Globe”, the award ceremony will be held in two locations, which are its usual location, namely the “Beverly Hills” hotel in California, where actress Amy Buller will present it, and the “Rainbow Room” in New York, where a number of celebrities will join her colleague Tina Fey As Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

However, most of the stars who will win will content themselves with receiving their awards virtually from their homes. (AFP)


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