The frequency of the Open Muxby channel, which broadcasts the match between Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich


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Is a channel My open earnings She is one Channel channels for the match Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich Tonight, within the last semifinals of the clubs World Cup 2021, and the search abounds My open channel frequency Today maksabi TV to watch Al Ahly and Bayern match.

Satellite: Nilesat

Channel frequency: 11411

Polarization: horizontal

Coding rate: 27500

Correction rate 4/3

And set off MyMixby Channel Mksaby TV on October 25, 2020 from Dubai, which is an open channel bearing the slogan “My win is your gain.”

وتقام Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich match Monday evening, February 8, 2021, at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Doha, at eight in the evening Egyptian local time – nine in the evening local time for the State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Today, Egyptian eyes turn to Doha to watch the match, amid Egyptian wishes and calls for victory, while a team tries Bayern Munich Through his Twitter pages, he spread fear and terror in the team’s souls when he described his trip on the official page of Bayern Munich on Twitter as a “last mission”, which provoked widespread reactions by the Egyptians who commented on the tweet in anger.

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