The Football Association officially notifies the clubs of canceling the Corona swabs for players before the League matches


The committee that runs the Football Association decided to cancel Corona swabs for players and coaches before the League and Egypt Cup matches this season, as has been the situation since the start of the current and last season in light of the new Corona virus pandemic.

The committee’s decision comes after the clubs ’refusal to bear the cost of the swabs, as the committee that currently runs the Football Association gave the eighteen Super League clubs 15 days to pay 54 million pounds for the cost of conducting Corona virus swabs on players, coaches, and administrative and medical agencies during the last season 2019-2020, and the current season 2020 -2021.

The committee sent letters to all clubs asking each club in the Premier League to pay 3 million pounds as part of the cost of the swabs that the players underwent and the technical, administrative and medical equipment, which angered the clubs that refused to pay.

The clubs finally refused to pay the cost of last season’s swabs, claiming that the previous five-year committee, headed by Amr El-Ganaini, had borne the cost of these swabs, and the clubs were officially notified of this.

The tripartite committee that manages the Football Association decided to deduct the sums it spent for making Corona swabs for players before the League matches from the clubs’ dues at Jabaliya, and Jabaliya has so far paid the authorities responsible for the swabs 24 million pounds out of 50 million pounds, and the committee had canceled the swabs and was satisfied with the Rapid Test analysis Before coming back again for wipes.

In the same context, the governing committee decided Football Association The matches of any team in the general league competition this season were postponed if two of its guards were infected with the new Corona virus, and Jabaliya informed the clubs about this matter.

Officials of the committee managing the Football Association revealed that any match will be postponed if there are 5 cases of corona in one team, including one goalkeeper, but if the injuries are only two of the goalkeepers, the meeting will also be postponed.


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