The first move by Al Hilal management towards Al-Nasr player “Petros”!


Sports Observatory: Press sources revealed that the Crescent Administration has prepared a complete file that will be submitted to the competent authorities that includes everything between Al-Nasr player Petros and the technical and administrative bodies of Al Hilal, especially
Team manager Saud Kariri, in the light of which the latter was expelled by the decision of the Uruguayan referee, who directed the derby meeting yesterday.

According to Al-Jazeera, the crescent will support their file with video clips that reveal the immoral movements made by the Brazilian player, as well as some expressions outside the sporting spirit towards the team manager, as well as towards a number of players on the field.

According to the same sources, Carey insisted on submitting a complaint to the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Football Association against Petros for his actions against the derby.


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