The fact that the Egyptian artist “Youssef Shaaban” died after being infected with the Coronavirus and subjected to psychological trauma


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Iman, the daughter of artist Youssef Shaaban, revealed the truth about the news circulating about the death of her father, and said that these news had no basis in truth. She emphasized that her father “is in good health so far.”

Iman Mohebbi reassured her father about his condition, noting that her father is in Dokki Hospital receiving treatment, and he is still in intensive care in health isolation. According to “Sky News Arabia”.

The trend is their goal of spreading rumors

She added that her father’s condition is developing on a daily basis, and he follows the health protocol, denying the reports that he is on a ventilator, as some say.

She commented on the news of her father’s death being circulated by some, saying: “Some people spread these rumors just to get the trend or interactions on their pages.”

psychological shock

She reported that her father “entered into a state of psychological shock after learning that he was infected with the Coronavirus,” and that the family is in a state of great sadness for him.

Iman added that her mother was infected with the Coronavirus as a result of her contact with her father, Youssef Shaaban, but her health condition is better than him and very stable, indicating that her father is forbidden to speak.


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