The condition of the artist Youssef Shaban has not changed since he entered the intensive care unit at Al-Agoura Hospital


The summary

Actress Nihal Anbar, who is responsible for the medical file at the Egyptian Syndicate of Representative Professions, revealed the truth about what was circulated in the media regarding the Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban’s condition on a ventilator, due to complications from his infection with the new Corona virus.

The “seventh day” website quoted Anbar as saying that Youssef Shaaban “does not need artificial respiration, especially since his oxygen level was not less than 94 percent.”

She explained that Shaban’s condition has not changed since he entered the intensive care unit at Al-Ajoura Hospital on Tuesday.

News had been circulating about the deterioration of the health of the Egyptian artist, which was denied by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the head of the acting professions, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.

There is a man in our house

Youssef Shaaban began working in cinema a year before graduating from the Institute of Theatrical Arts, when director Barakat nominated him to participate in the starring of the film “In Our House is a Man”, a general production.

After that, the artist’s work continued until his production on the cinema reached 110 films, and he also achieved great success in television dramas, and participated in the tournament of 130 series, most notably: “Al-Mal and Al-Banun, Layali Al-Helmiyya and Raafat Al-Hagan.”

Shaaban also participated in the tournament of 50 theater shows, and was elected captain of the Egyptian actors from 1997 to 2003.


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