The Chinese probe reaches its position in the orbit of Mars


07:24 AM

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Beijing – (dpa):
The Chinese probe “Tianwen-1” reached its final stop in Mars’ orbit on Wednesday, after several maneuvers.

And the New China News Agency (Xinhua), citing the Beijing Space Administration, said that the probe is on its way to make an attempt to land on Mars within three months.

Until then, the probe will use cameras to closely examine the terrain and other conditions of the landing area.

And with the first landing on Mars, the new space force wants to catch up with the United States, which has already sent many search machines to explore the planet.

Beijing has expanded its space program steadily over the past few years, and has missions planned for decades to come.

In 2019, China became the first country to send an object on the far side of the moon.

China, the UAE and the United States launched their missions to Mars around the same time last July.

The US probe, “Perserve”, landed on the surface of the Red Planet last week.


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