The Brazilian fighter Barbosa explains why he claimed to fall and in pain to lose !!


Brazilian fighter Leonardo Barbosa announced that he deliberately lost in the fight he fought against the Afghani Ahmed Wali Houtak, in a tournament that took place in Afghanistan, where he fell to the ground in the second round after receiving a knee blow in the abdomen. .
Barbosa said that the incident took place at the Truly Grand Fighting Championship, that he was threatened in the locker room by a man armed with a pistol, and that the same man was near the cage all the time, screaming loudly.
Barbosa was quoted by MMA Fighting website as saying, “I was on top and I won the first round, where my opponent had a broken nose, and he later underwent surgery, and I think I would have won, but between the two rounds, the man approached and was shouting sharply, saying things similar to what he said in the dressing room, and I started.” Various thoughts are running through my head, I have a son and a family. “
The promoter of the tournament offered the Brazilian fighter a retaliatory battle with Houtak in the UAE city of Dubai, next May.
Source RT Arabic


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