The audience remembers Nariman Abboud in “The Girl of the University” (video)


After her death in Corona, activists on social media retrieved clips from the participation of the late artist Nariman Abboud, in the video clip of her husband, artist Wissam Al-Amir, with the song “Bint Al-Jamaa”, which met with great success.

Activists recalled these clip scenes in which Nariman appeared after a long absence from the audience, due to her retirement from the dance profession.

The artist, Wissam Al-Amir, mourned his wife on Twitter on Saturday evening, saying: “The most loyal wife and the compassionate mother, the symbol of sacrifice and loyalty, you who possessed the hearts of loved ones, family and friends. Mortal world.
What age is valuable on some days if the most valuable people become remains. May God have mercy on you, Princess. ”


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