The arrival of the first marine vessels to Abu Dhabi to participate in “NAVDEX 2021” – UAE – news and reports


The first batch of naval military units arrived in Abu Dhabi yesterday morning, participating in the sixth session of the Naval Defense Exhibition “NAVDEX”, which is held in conjunction with the International Defense Exhibition “IDEX 2021” and begins its work the day after tomorrow at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

Brigadier General Fahd Nasser Al-Dhahly, the official spokesman for the Naval Defense Exhibition, NAVDEX 2021, announced that the UAE will inaugurate during the exhibition a number of ships that will enter service within the naval fleet that owns the state, pointing out that the volume of large participation in the current session held in light The exceptional circumstances the world is witnessing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, is evidence of the world’s confidence in the ability and capabilities of the UAE to organize such important global events.

During the tour organized by the organized committee on the occasion of the start of the arrival of the naval vessels participating in the Naval Defense Exhibition “NAVDEX 2021” to the marina “ADNEC” yesterday morning, he indicated that the area allocated for the exhibition amounted to about 82 thousand square meters, and more than 70 exhibiting companies will be distributed to it. Local and international.


In detail, yesterday morning, the first batch of warships participating in the Naval Defense Exhibition “NAVDEX 2021” arrived, which included 6 ships representing 4 countries, namely the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Pakistan, the British Royal Navy and the United Arab Emirates, where they were officially received with the ships entering the Mussafah Channel Waterpark, all the way to the marine dock opposite the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, where IDEX and NAVDEX 2021 will be held starting next Sunday.

The reception operations were carried out by transporting the media representatives on board the yacht “Al Rahba” from the pier opposite the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center and at a walking distance by boat for two hours, where they met with the warships coming to Abu Dhabi at sea.

Brigadier-General Fahd Nasser Al-Dhahli noted that the total number of ships docked at the port of NAVDEX amounted to 6 ships representing 4 countries: the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Pakistan, the British Royal Navy and the UAE, with the total number of ships arriving at the start of the exhibition to 17 marine vessels.

The ships on display range from mine sweepers, missile boats, patrol boats, supply ships and search and rescue boats.

As the warships began to arrive at the dock, the Armed Forces Music Band played the Welcome Ships, a maritime protocol to receive the military ships participating in the exhibition.



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