“The Ambassador’s Daughter” has achieved exceptional success and the crises that follow him with the departure of his heroes … and this is a fact that stops him


Prepare “Daughter of the Ambassador“The most prominent Turkish series, which has achieved very high viewing rates, is not only inTurkeyIt is also in the Middle East, because of its interesting events that contain great mystery and an impossible love story.
The work brings together the two Turkish starsEngin akyürekوNeslihan AtagulThey were chosen as the most successful duo on television in 2020, after embodying them as a character.SinjarAnd his fire.

Work story
It is an impossible love story that began when it wasSinjar and his fire“At the age of adolescence, she is the daughter of an influential ambassador, and he is the son of a simple worker, so the father of the heroine used to refuse her association with her lover, so she decided to run away with her lover a day after her 18th birthday.
Indeed, her fire managed to escape and marry Sinjar, and on the night of the wedding the latter throws her out, thinking that she betrayed him, as he discovers that she is not a virgin, but what happened to her was that she was raped by her adopted brother who is obsessed with her, called “Akin”.
After Sinjar threw her fire outside, she tried to commit suicide, but she did not die, but rather she will discover that she is pregnant, and she will hide this from Sinjar, even after 9 years have passed, when she returns to their city Mugla with their son, on the day of his wedding to another woman.
Many events enter the work, especially since Akin is chasing after his fire, and the partner and close friend of Sinjar is Gadiz (Uraz Kaigleroglu(He is also fined.)

Great success for the first season
The workmen were forced to divide it into parts, especially with the spreadCorona VirusThey stopped filming for a while, so the first season ofDaughter of the AmbassadorIn June 2020, after 17 episodes were shown.
These episodes achieved fantastic viewing rates, which prompted the writer and director to prolong the events, as it was expected that the work would be no more than 20 episodes.

The character of Ghadiz is superior to that of Sinjar
After the first season, polls were held about the work, and the cast was shocked that viewers preferred that the heroine Nara (Neslihan Atagül) be related to the hero’s friend Gadiz (Uraz Kaigleroglu), and not to return to the hero Sinjar (Engin akyürek), So the character Gediz gained fame that no one expected, so the writer was forced to convert this character from good to evil, fearing the proportion of viewership.

The start of the new season dips and changes
The new season of the series has begun.Daughter of the Ambassador“In the month of September 2020, viewers have been eagerly awaiting him, but the sequence of events is no longer logical, and it has not attained such high viewing rates as the first season.
Therefore, the creators of work used new characters, especially after the killing of Akin (the evil character in the series), including the actressDenise AichinSahra, who is Akin’s sister, who wants to take revenge on him.

Neslihan Atagul withdraws
In January 2021, the heroine of the seriesNeslihan AtagulShe withdrew from work, due to health conditions, and sources from the workplace had indicated that Neslihan was losing consciousness during the filming, was suffering from excruciating pain and was transferred several times to the hospital for treatment, and it was found that she suffers from a rare disease known as “leaky gut syndrome”, which causes Her constant feeling of fatigue.
Usually, the heroine is required to pay a penalty amount, if she wants to quit work suddenly, but Neslihan’s health condition and her presentation to a medical report made the producing company decide not to sue her.
After the withdrawalNeslihan AtagulNews spread about her thinking about retirement, but she denied the matter, indicating that she just needs to rest for a while.

Uraz Kaigleroglu Withdrawal
Neslihan Atagul was not the only one to quit, but was accompanied by a withdrawalUraz Kaigleroglu, Who embodied the character “Gadiz”, because he wants to participate in the series “Palace of Pera”, which will be starring the Turkish starHazal KayaThe writer and director only killed the “Gadiz” character in the events of the series, which sparked widespread controversy and a major attack on the series.

Neslihan Atagul replaced withTuba Buyukston
After the withdrawalNeslihan AtagulFrom work, it was necessary for those in charge of the work to devise a plan to get out of the impasse, which they had faced, so they sought help from the fame and popularity of Tuba Buyukston, who will embody a new character at work, to create a love story between her and the hero.

Tuba Buyukston’s fee is controversial
Informed sources reported thatNeslihan AtagulShe was paid about $ 36,000 per episode, whileTuba BuyukstonShe will be paid for her role in the series about 27 thousand dollars, which is less than 9 thousand dollars per episode, and here opinions were divided among those who saw that Tuba deserves a higher wage, especially as she came as a substitute for the main actress, while others saw that it is natural that Tuba charges less, since the work will not last for long.

crisisThe name of the series
After the withdrawalNeslihan AtagulThe organizers of the series plunged into a real crisis, which is how the work continues with the title “Daughter of the AmbassadorWithout the presence of this character at work, and some Turkish newspapers indicated that there is a tendency to change the name of the work, but this will greatly affect the viewership rates, and will cause the work to fail, and it is expected that it will not last long and stop after a few episodes.

Rumors about Neslihan Atagul’s return to the series
A few days after the withdrawalNeslihan AtagulFrom the series, news spread about her return to its starring role, after her health condition improved. However, this news turned out to be incorrect, as the treatment required by Neslihan’s disease is long-term, and it will not be able to return to the Turkish state of Mugla at the present time, and in addition to that, the producing company has signed a contract with Tuba Buyukustun and cannot withdraw it, after participating in Mashhad. just one.


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