Thaqafi / The Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences launches the Jisr Award for Leadership in Mathematics, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh, 20 Jumada al-Thani 1442 AH corresponding to 02 February 2021 AD, SPA
The Saudi Society for Mathematical Sciences, “Jisr”, at King Saud University, announced the launch of the “Jisr Award for Leadership in Mathematics” for the current semester, and the formation of its supervisory committee.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society, Dr. Bandar Al-Mohsen, explained that the award aims to develop knowledge in mathematics and teach it in the Kingdom, in addition to discovering, learning, encouraging and motivating the distinguished and creative people in mathematics, highlighting the creative experiences in mathematics education, and then circulating them so that they can benefit more from them in The educational reality, and the achievement of scientific and educational communication between specialists in the field of mathematics and its education, and aims to contribute to the development of scientific research in mathematics and its teaching.
He added that the award committee has completed preparing the award’s organizational guide, pointing out that the award’s executive management will receive the entries during this second semester of the academic year 1442 AH in one of the categories related to the mathematics teacher, namely: “creative initiatives,” indicating that the Ministry of Education has sent a circular to all education departments calling for Teachers, female teachers, to participate in the award.
For his part, the Executive Director of the Award, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nazir, explained that the award includes four branches: the teaching performance of mathematics teachers, scientific excellence, research excellence, and creative initiatives, indicating that they will be activated successively, cycle after cycle, according to the decisions of the association’s board of directors.
He pointed out that the first session of this semester began with the “Creative Initiatives” branch, which deals with e-learning, which targets mathematics teachers and their supervisors, as well as educational institutions.
He stated that those targeted by the award’s branches in general are: mathematics teachers in general education, faculty members in university education, supervisors and supervisors of mathematics in the education administration, students and students of public and university education, and those interested and creative in mathematics and its teaching.
He invited those wishing to see the award’s details to browse the link
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