Terraria returns to develop its games with Google’s Stadia game service


Sunday, February 28, 2021 12:09 am

Andrew Spinks, co-founder of Terraria, an adventure video game, announced that the games will be developed via cloud service from The Google Stadia, days after confirming that developer Re-Logic will cancel the Google Stadia port, according to the Verege.

Teraria is an adventure video game developed by Re-logic, released on May 16, 2011 at Microsoft Then it was released later on most devices. The game achieved high sales and high ratings and increased its popularity, selling more than 30 million copies at its inception.

“As you may have noticed, we had a lot of issues to start the year due to the entire Google account for Redigit being closed in early January,” Re-Logic said in a recent Terraria forum post.

She added, “After a month of pressure (and with tremendous support from our fans) Google finally reached out and was able to provide a great deal of transparency about the situation and regain access to all of our accounts.”

Spinks had launched a series of tweets expressing his frustration that he had been banned from his Google accounts for weeks, which included losing access to his Gmail and Google Play account.

Re-Logic has yet to announce when Terraria will be launched on Google Stadia, but the game’s return to development is good news for fans of Google’s cloud gaming service.

Source : Technology: Terraria returns to develop its games via Google’s Stadia game service


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