Technology news .. WhatsApp informs its users about the new privacy policy decisions … and 4 things you should avoid when buying a laptop


The site “Echo of the Country” published a group of news and reports related to technology during the past hours, including new information on the latest different technologies.

Buying a laptop with good capabilities is a complex process to a large extent, as buying a good laptop requires focusing on a number of important specifications and characteristics, including a good processor that provides high performance, as well as the screen card, the quality and type of the screen itself, in addition to the battery.
Protecting personal photos and videos is a great necessity for smart phone users, with the many breaches and security holes that Android phones witness, as Android phones face the problem of security holes, and their ease of penetration by hackers, it has become necessary to maintain the encryption of these phones, especially private photos.
With a large number of users angered by the WhatsApp application because of the new privacy policy that will force users to share their data with WhatsApp, millions have moved from the WhatsApp application to new, more private applications such as Signal and Telegram, which prompted these applications to reach huge numbers in a few days.
The search engine and Vivaldi browser, which is one of the most important search engines and a competitor to Google Chrome, has launched a number of important features for its users that are not found in other engines, most notably the control of the many tabs.

Officials on WhatsApp WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, have confirmed that they will inform all application users of all new decisions regarding the privacy policy, through the Status or Status feature, which is known as Story or Daily Story in other applications.
The American company Apple Apple is preparing to make one of the most important changes to its phones with the release of the new operating system iOS 15, which will be revealed a few months later at its WWDC 2021 conference, in which the company will abandon its release of a number of its important and most popular phones.

Leaks revealed that the Chinese company Vivo is preparing to launch the iQOO 9 phone, which is issued under its brand iQOO, with a number of great capabilities, including the large battery and fast charging.

The new change in the privacy policy of the messaging app WhatsApp has angered millions of its users around the world, including 400 million users in India, and the updated privacy policy states that the messaging application will share its users’ data with Facebook.

Facebook has recently been severely criticized because the social network platform has access to a lot more user data than its basic functions need, as the social media giant begins tracking your data and online activity as soon as any user creates an account on its platform.

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