Tech: Learn about your Chromebook’s screen lock customization feature and how to set it


Google released the latest version of Chrome OS, with some new features for Chromebook owners to try. Chromebooks can now function as a smart screen (like Google’s Nest Hub Max), and just like the Nest Hub, it can act as a digital photo album that displays photos on the screen when Lock it up.

According to the verge, you can select a photo album for your lock screen to scroll through or choose from the pre-loaded gallery.

You can now use other smart display tasks as well. For example, you can play and pause music and check the weather without unlocking your Chromebook.

Also, to turn on the custom lock screen feature, go to Chrome OS settings and select Personalization> Lock screen.

Another new addition called Web Authentication, or WebAuthn, will allow you to log into certain websites with the PIN or fingerprint that you use to log in to your Chromebook, rather than your password for those sites.

You can also add WebAuthn as an additional layer of security for two-step verification, and according to Google’s blog, supported websites include Dropbox, GitHub, and Okta, and you don’t need to do anything special to use web authentication, when you visit a supported website, you’ll be prompted to do so automatically.


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