Tariq Yahya, Fakosa and Arbitration symbols in the memorial of Mahmoud Othman


He attended the ceremony Tariq Yahya, the former star of Zamalek And the current head of the junior sectors, and Medhat Fakoussa, the former star of Egypt and the Egyptian, Sayed Youssef Najm of Al-Tarsana Club, Jamal Al-Ghandour, former head of the Referees Committee, Wajih Ahmed, the current Chairman of the Referees Committee, Azab Hajjaj, Deputy Executive Director of the Football Association, Nasser Abbas, the former international referee, and Ayman Djesh, a member of the committee. Rulers and Walid Abdel Aziz, head of the Western Referees Committee.

Former and current rulers attended by Khalil Abu Al-Ela, Sherif Salah, Badour Hamida, Sherif Rashwan, Muhammad Salah Abdel Fattah, Muhammad al-Hanafi, Amin Omar, Sherif al-Tabaa, Atef Hussein, Majdy Shadid, Muhammad Abbas May, and Wael Mustafa al-Sabbagh, Ahmed Abu al-Ela and Khalil Hamed, among the former international rulers.

Seven years ago, and on February 13th, the veteran referee Mahmoud Othman went to inspect the Egyptian sport, the icon of Egyptian and Arab arbitration and one of the most prominent signs of the arbitration system and one of its symbols in his era, talking about the age of 81 years, after a long bid within the Egyptian, African and Arab arbitration system,

Mahmoud Othman chaired the Cairo Referees Committee and was a member of the Main Referees Committee and Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the Referees Committee over many years..

Othman also presided over the Talaat Harb Club for many years, and contributed to giving seminars and lectures to young rulers in various regions of the Republic until he was called the “icon of Egyptian arbitration”, due to the lightness of the shade and the beautiful laugh that was characteristic of the late, the owner of the distinctive brown complexion, and he left and left us his son Former international referee Samir Mahmoud Othman, one of the stars of distinguished arbitration analysis, to continue the same career as his father in serving the system.

Although Mahmoud Othman did not attain the honor of arbitration in the World Cup, like the myths of Egyptian referees, he was one of the most famous referees in the history of Egyptian football, and he previously managed the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek and took it to safety..



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