Syrian artist Haitham Desouki releases his new song “Khadni”


Damascus – Egypt today

Syrian artist Haitham Desouki released today a video clip for a new song titled “Khadni”, written by Tamim Abu Daqash, composed by Hassan Issa, and arranged by Ryan. The clip talks about a girl who accepts a young man’s invitation to enter his world through “Virtual Reality / vr” and lives with him an atmosphere Spinning, singing and dancing to reject the end of the exit from this state and return to real life.

Haitham relied on filming the clip on a realistic idea close to the viewer, and this style of singing considers Desouki the closest to him, even though he is presenting it for the first time, and he moves away with his new song from all that was previously presented by his previous works. He presented eight solo songs, ranging from romantic to rhythmic.

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