Symptoms of prostate cancer..a burning “urine” is an early sign of the disease


Prostate cancer It is a disease that affects men and tends to develop slowly, which means that there may be no signs for many years, so it is important to discover symptoms when they appear, as the feeling of burning in the urine is one of the most prominent signs of infection with this disease, according to the“.

Cancer treatment centers in America indicate that the prostate gland is approaching the bladder, so prostate cancer may be accompanied by the emergence of some symptoms related to the urinary system, especially in the early stages, and it also depends on the size and location of the tumor located in the prostate, which may in turn press on the urethra, so One of the early signs of prostate cancer is a burning sensation in the urine or pain during urination.

The following are other symptoms of prostate cancer:

1- Difficulty urinating.

2- Urinating frequently at night.

3- Loss of bladder control.

4- Decreased flow or velocity of the urethra.

5- emergence Blood in urine And here the alarm sounds because it may indicate aggressive progression of the cancerous tumor.

6- Increased pressure on the rectum due to an enlarged prostate gland, and sometimes causes unbearable pain.

These symptoms may be caused by something other than cancer, as there may be An enlarged prostateTherefore, it is important to visit a doctor and undergo the necessary tests to ensure whether these symptoms indicate prostate cancer, or just an enlargement of them, especially since the nature of the symptoms varies from person to person, as it may be mild for some men and annoying for others.

A blood test known as (PSAIn early detection of prostate cancer, and for many men with prostate cancer, treatment is not immediately necessary, especially if it is discovered in the early stages.


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