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Scientists at the Canadian Princess Margaret Foundation have discovered how the production of “super soldiers” from white blood cells can help fight cancer.

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Molecular Cell notes that the series of experiments that have been conducted describe epigenetic modification of DNA that transforms immune T cells and enhances their ability to kill cancer cells.

“Our goal is to use this strategy, along with other types of immunotherapy, to enhance the body’s immunity against tumors,” said Dr. de Carvalho from the Department of Biomedical Physics at the University of Toronto, Canada.

He adds, “We envision the future of clinical tests, which include taking T cells from the patient … and then injecting them into the patient, to enhance the immune response to tumors.”

One of the main innovations of this study is the use of epigenetic therapy to influence the genes of T cells. In addition to this, the researchers also studied the defense cell response, which may help enhance the ability of the human immune system to fight tumors.

Source: Novosti


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