Suarez returns to Barcelona on a free transfer .. A surprise in the contract of Messi’s friend


The conversation continues about the Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the Atletico Madrid star, after his remarkable brilliance after his departure from Barcelona.

Suarez scored 16 goals in 22 matches, in which he participated in the Rochi Blancos shirt, and was able to provide two assists to his teammates.

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” revealed shocking details about Suarez’s contract with the Spanish league leaders this season.

Suarez has a clause in his contract, allowing him to leave for free and move to any team on June 30th.

The player who has been living great times with Atletico Madrid may open the door to his return to Barcelona, ​​especially after the new president receives his seat after the elections that will be held in March.

The clause in Suárez’s contract is similar to what was stipulated in the contract of Argentine Lionel Messi, which allowed him to leave for free in June 2020, which resulted in the famous “ProFax” crisis.

It is reported that Suarez has a clause in his contract that generates money for him in the event that he reaches the 20th goal in the Spanish local competition.


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