Study: The supermarket … a stronghold of Corona!


4 hours ago

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Istanbul: A study conducted by the Public Health Authority in England revealed, on Sunday, that “the supermarket is the stronghold of the Corona pandemic.”
The British newspaper “Daily Mail” stated that the first question that comes to a person after being infected with Corona, is “Where did you catch the virus?”
“Even after a year has passed since the outbreak of the epidemic, finding a clear answer is not easy,” she added.

The Public Health Authority in England, which collects information about the most places that can catch the virus from, stated that “it is very difficult to know where people are infected with Corona,” according to the newspaper.

The aforementioned agency publishes the information collected by the “Test and Track” program, which asks people who show positive corona test results about the places they went through during the past week.

In its latest report, for the week until February 11, the authority found that “53 percent of those who tested positive in England visited a supermarket, whether for work or shopping.”

The study indicated that “employees are most at risk of infection with Corona, not shoppers.”
Shopping and work places, restaurants and gyms are also ideal environments for the transmission of the virus between people, in the absence of strict social distancing conditions within them, according to the same study.

The virologist at the Royal Leicester Hospital, Dr. Julian Tang, believes that “supermarkets are a clear place for the spread of infection,” according to the “Daily Mail”.
He added, “The shops are the focus of society … people from around the city gather there on a very regular basis.”

“Social distancing may be difficult in supermarkets, and many of them have poor ventilation systems, which means that the virus can remain in the air,” Tang added.


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