Study: Half of the population of an African country was infected with Corona


Samples taken from about 5,000 blood donors from 4 districts in the country were revealed South Africa In January, between 32 and 63 percent had antibodies to a virus Corona.

Wismeh existence Antibodies In the blood by detecting whether someone has contracted a virus even after recovery.

The study, published last week, was conducted by the National Blood Center in South Africa.

And South African research published on the Internet has not been completed yet, confirmed that the percentage of clinically confirmed cases is between 2 and 3 percent only.

The South African Medical Research Council said that more than 140,000 additional deaths have been recorded since May 2020 in this country most officially affected by the Corona virus on the continent, which has carried out a wide campaign of checks since the first wave of the epidemic.

The country’s leading private health insurance company, “Discovery”, estimates that the proportion of those who have definitely died from this disease is about 90 percent, or 120,000 injured.

However, official statistics indicate that South Africa has recorded only 48,500 Coronavirus-related deaths out of 1.5 million infections.

But these numbers are underestimated, says Emil Steppe, a statistician in “Discovery”. He said, “The number of deaths that are attributed is less than the reality in almost all countries of the world.”

He added that “many people exposed to Covid virus suffer from other problems … so it is difficult to always determine the cause,” stressing that it is also easy to make mistakes in recording deaths at the height of the epidemic when “they run and the medical staff work hard to try to save lives.”

The death rate associated with COVID-19 was about 0.4 percent in South Africa.

Assuming that 120 thousand people have died in Corona, this means that more than thirty million people have contracted the virus, according to his calculations, or about half of the population.

Facing South Africa A second wave of Corona It is largely caused by a local mutation in the most contagious virus.

But recently, it began to record a decline in the spread of the virus, and the number of new cases decreased to about two thousand per day, compared to more than twenty thousand at the end of December.

The country launched a vaccination campaign on Wednesday with vaccines from the giant American pharmaceutical company, “Johnson & Johnson.”


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